Our Story

A few years ago during a routine physical, Carrie’s doctor wanted to biopsy a “funny” spot on her lower back and came back with the shocking diagnosis of malignant melanoma skin cancer.  Thankfully her early diagnosis and treatment promise a very hopeful prognosis, but this was an experience that has forever changed our lives.  

As proud parents of two lovely daughters, we love our life in sunny central Florida.  Whether we are enjoying a day on the water, cheering at our daughter’s soccer games, browsing our local farmer’s market or enjoying some time with family and friends, we spend a lot of time enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Since Carrie’s melanoma diagnosis, our awareness of the consequences of everyday sun exposure have prompted some lifestyle change. Our whole family embraces daily sun protective measures including slathering on the sunscreen and wearing sun protective hats and clothing.  We have found sun protective clothing to be an especially effective and desirable means of protection as it requires no messy application and reapplication to maintain effectiveness.

Certainly this experience has opened our eyes to the consequences of excessive exposure to UV rays, but more importantly this experience has challenged us live in what we like to call "the sunshine state of mind."  


The problem we want to solve

The consequences of excessive UV ray sun exposure are well documented, but many people are unaware of the impact of everyday sun exposure. 

When thinking about sun exposure, you might envision yourself on the beach or exercising outdoors. But millions of Americans receive a large portion of their sun exposure when they don’t even realize it — in their cars.SKINCANCER.ORG

Studies have shown that in people in the United States and other countries where drivers sit on the left hand side of their vehicles typically have more sun damage on the left side of their bodies just from sun exposure received while driving their cars. In countries where drivers sit on the right hand side of the car, they have more sun damage on the right side of their bodies!

Most currently available sun protective clothing offers easy and effective protection, but are designed for recreational activities like exercising, swimming, surfing, and fishing. Sun protective clothing options for everyday or casual wear are more limited. 


Our solution

Sun protection clothing for a sunshine state of mind

Our capsule wardrobe collection combines easy, classic style with peace of mind sun protection.  Designed to be worn together or to complement your existing favorite wardrobe pieces, the Orange Blossom Brand collection is designed for women seeking a sunshine state of mind without the worry of excessive sun exposure.  



In the words of Edward Bok, "Make the world a better place because you lived in it". We've adopted this quote as our motto as we push forward with this little business of ours.

Thanks for taking time to check us out and remember to keep pursuing the Sunshine State of mind! 

With love, 

Carrie & Rusty