What's on Your Bucket List? The Orange Blossom Brand Story Begins March 01, 2014 07:40

Do you have any dreams tucked away that seem totally crazy and impossible? Perhaps you have dismissed these little ideas and put them on your bucket list of things to do one day when you have more time, more money, more energy, more whatever...

Orange Blossom Brand started as one of those dreams that was just too big, too hard and too crazy for my little self to even consider as a viable possibility. I thought I could keep this little idea safely tucked away for another day, but to my pure amazement and delight, this dream has jumped off the bucket list to become a living part of our present life and hopefully our future.  

Again and again I am reminded that everyone has a story and everyone's story has power.   Sharing our stories reminds us all that there is a greater purpose for our lives and this truth has been revealed over and over again in my life. 

It is my privilege to share the Orange Blossom Brand story with you.  Like any great story, it has highs and lows, unexpected turns and some beloved characters. This story is absolutely true and I am excited (and a little intimidated) to see how it will impact anyone who chooses to listen.

What's on your bucket list?  What's your story? I'd love to hear more about your ideas, dreams and goals.  Please share your comments and links below.